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Cash For UK Homes is a leading property company who will: Buy your Home for Cash at the Best Price, and then Sell Your House Fast and hassle-free.

UK Property market professionals for over 15 years!

As estate agents and property market professionals for over 15 years, our experienced service team of cash buyers are experts in knowing how to sell your house quickly.

Our way of selling your home fast means there are:

NO estate agent fees, solicitors, legal fees to pay, or other third parties involved in selling your house.

NO need to wait for a buyer who might pull out at the last minute. If you agree to our price offer, you’re guaranteed a fast sale within days.

For a quick sale of your property we provide a no obligation, all-inclusive free cash offer with no hidden costs, whatever the asking price on your house…

We buy any house

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your house fast, we buy any property –


We have helped thousands of clients in all circumstances, so you can feel free to speak to us in total confidence.



Our experienced team of cash buyers work quickly to evaluate your situation, so we can prove you a tailored solution.


We handle the entire process on your behalf, so that you can truly relax, while we facilitate a quick sale.

– and we guarantee to sell your home quickly, in as little as 7 days.

What are quick sale property buyers?

Quick sale cash house property buyers are estate agent and or property companies which offer to sell your home fast by:

Purchasing your house directly -or-

Quickly finding a third party buyer.

The property company will pay cash to the homeowners at near or below the market value rate.

When you need a quick way to sell your house for cash – we can help!

There are many reasons why homeowners may need to sell their house quickly:

cash for uk homes keys on table


Don’t let the bank repossess your property. Sell your home for cash, and you’ll be able to pay mortgage arrears being credit black listed

credit card to pay for house

Financial Difficulties

Avoid having to declare bankruptcy. Sell your home to pay your loans and credit card bills and finally regain your financial freedom. Call us to learn more – we’re a leading UK cash buyer.

property cash offers

Inherited Property

Minimise the pain, hassle, and cost associated with inheriting. Sell your inherited home to unlock the value without costly repairs, dealing with tenants, registering the property in your name or taking over mortgage payments for a house sale.



Don’t stress from afar. Selling your home can be difficult and time consuming, especially when you are in a different area or country.

Poor Condition/Structural Problems/Landlords

No property is considered to be too difficult for to handle. Avoid the demand of buy-to-let properties. Managing rental properties can be a drain on your time and resources.


Divorce/Separation/Ill Health

Escape bad relationships with ease. Sell your property to apportion the asset proceeds quickly so that you can move on and start your life anew. Prevent stress from taking its toll on your health.Sell your house to relieve the financial stress of medical bills.

Why more house sellers use cash buying companies

Over a quarter (28 percent) of house sales in England and Wales fell through before completion in 2019.

Nearly a fifth (17 percent) of failed sales were due to potential buyers unable to secure a mortgage.

Cash for UK Homes makes selling your property, fast, easy, straightforward and stress-free.

We communicate with you, and liaise with all relevant authorities and third parties throughout the property buying and sale process, including property valuations, mortgage companies, fast house sales paperwork, and all due compliance and diligence checks.

A key part of our service in selling your property in as little as 7 days is to ensure you always know exactly what is happening at all times, every step of the way.

The benefits of a Fast Sale Offer

Selling your house fast, and not waiting months to full completion of the deal.

CASH for Homes UK has you covered!

Nothing can be more frustrating and stressful when homeowners need a fast house sale and somebody in the property chain changes their mind or is refused a mortgage.

The average time it can take for homeowners to sell a house through to completion can be 18 weeks but can range from 85 days to 150 days or longer.

In the property sale industry – not only can we give you the best offer price, we also work to a strict code of practice.

House sale companies are increasingly the way to sell

Today, fewer homeowners are prepared to wait, and house sale companies and cash buying companies are increasingly the popular way to sell, if you want a fast house sale when it’s urgently needed. You can also avoid having to paying household bills if you had to wait the usual length of time for your house sale to complete.

Choosing a reliable, professional company service you can trust to be transparent and committed to sell your home quickly is essential for peace of mind, particularly if you want to sell your house with minimum hassle.


We’ll ensure you get a fair valuation and that we treat you fairly at all times through the sales process. We know that people who need to sell a property quickly are often dealing with other challenges in life, and we never take advantage of this.


We understand that there are many difficult situations, such as divorce or impending foreclosures / reposessions, that people find themselves in. Our aim is to help people like you through difficult times by reducing the stress and emotions, and making the whole process as painless as possible.


We make every property sale hassle-free for the customer, and this means open communication at all time. There are no hidden costs or fees and what we offer is what you get if you decide to accept our cash offer.


We’ve built our reputation by being good at what we do. Our skills and experience enable us to move quickly on every property sale and overcome any problems along the way. Buying a property quickly at a fair price involves high levels of expertise, and we’ve built this over 15 years of trading.

There are even more benefits!

Highest cash offer near to market value

Our property buying service experience and up to date market knowledge, enables our team to always provide homeowners with a competitive property valuation on the open market. We are an established house buying company for cash. If you’re looking to sell a property fast, we offer as close to market value that we genuinely can. Our aim is to make sure you receive the highest cash offer for your home, or house that you own.

Commitment to confidentiality

We know there are many cash buyers across the UK, but as experienced estate agents and property buyers, our professional and ethical service commitment to your confidentiality is always central to our purchasing and sale process.

Our house sale company team at Cash For UK Homes make sure we control and manage the entire property sale, from first enquiry to sale completion. You are assured that all enquiry details will not be passed to different cash investors.

Selling your house without the hassle

Circumstances may arise when you need to move fast – without wanting any of the usual hassle. The moment you say to yourself, “I need to sell my house quickly”, you can receive an offer free of any charge on the same day, and cash in your bank within days.

Time to complete usually takes around 2-3 weeks, but it can often be brought forward, if required.

Apart from no estate agent fees or auctioneer costs to consider, your fast house sale company will recommend solicitors to use and cover their costs – so you don’t have to pay the usual solicitor’s costs.

A quick house sale company is the ideal backup option with little hassle to yourself if you need to stop a repossession, instantly fix a break in the property chain, or a fast move abroad to a new job.

Frequently Asked Questions

How…Why….What? We can imagine that you have lots of questions at this stage of your journey, so as well as having a helpful support team, why not take a look below at our frequently asked questions?

We buy homes for cash. There is no need to wait for a buyer who might pull out at the last minute. If you agree to our offer, you can consider the deal done.

We have been in the industry for over 15 years and have a reputation as one of the most trusted companies in the quick sales for cash market. For more information about the advantages of our company, read our why choose us page.

Unlike some of our competitors, we give you a no-obligation, free offer on your property. There are no fees. The only thing it will cost you is a bit of time to show us around so that we can do an assessment.

Absolutely! We provide a free evaluation, advice, and cash offer. We can help you cover removals, relocation services, legal consultations, and much more.

We purchase houses across the UK (Excluding Scotland).

We buy any and all types of property. This includes: Detached, Semi Detached, Terrace, Bungalow, Flat, Maisonette, Cottages, and even ex council houses,flats.

We buy properties in any condition or situation you might find yourself in.
We have helped people in all kinds of situations such as financial struggles, last minute sale pull-outs, divorce or separation, inheritance, relocation/emigration, and poor condition (structure,damp,subsidence issues) or tenanted properties.

Situations change all the time, so we understand. We provide a no-obligation offer and no fee, so there is absolutely no risk. You can withdraw from the sale at any time.

This is a truly critical time. We have experience helping people in this situation as well and will do our best for you too. Call us as soon as you can because timing is crucial. The sooner you act, the less likely you are to be credit black listed.

It depends on you and your situation. We have our own funds and have done deals in as little as 24 hours. Typically, the process is completed within seven days

It depends on location, condition, and a range of other factors. We try our utmost to give you a better price than online estate agents or other property buying companies.

We use sophisticated valuation techniques backed by extensive knowledge of the property market and over 15 years’ experience.

Our cash offer is based on an honest assessment of your property and is a good price for both parties. You are under no obligation to accept. You can take your time to think about it until you are ready to make a commitment.

We guarantee an honest, open, and professional approach, backed by friendly advice and efficient service.

Once you’ve agreed to our cash offer, we’ll take care of all the paperwork and everything you need us to. We’ll deal with solicitors and the conveyancing process.

You are welcome to use your own solicitor, if you need us to recommend one, feel free to ask. Either way, we’ll cover the costs.

Typically, the process can be completed within seven days. We understand your circumstances might be difficult, so when necessary, we can provide a same day cash advance to get you through a crisis.

Rely on your cash property buyers throughout

The decision to sell your home quickly is unlikely to be taken lightly and calling upon a fast house sale company may be your ‘last resort’ back up plan. When you know that circumstances will be moving fast you need to know you can rely on your cash property buyers throughout the process.

The Property Ombudsman (TPO)

An established, legitimate property company should be certified with The Property Ombudsman (TPO), a free, impartial and independent service which acts to protect both consumers and property agents alike. Membership of the TPO ensures they are committed to complying with the highest industry standards as set out in their Codes of Practice comprising:

Best Practice – standards set above the minimum level required by law.

Legal Obligations – standards set by law.

The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB)

A number of quick house sale estate agents are also members of The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB), a voluntary group for property professionals that helps house sellers find legitimate house buying companies. Members of the NAPB must follow strict professional standards.

Need to sell your house fast – want cash for a quick sale?

CONTACT US: Simply enter your postcode and fill out our enquiry form to start your fast house sale for cash.

Cash For UK Homes makes it smooth and easy – the free cash is in your bank account within days.

Reasons you may want to sell your home quickly

There are a number of circumstances where a person owning a property – or who comes into possession of a property – will need to sell their house fast, in exchange for a quick cash offer.

Some homeowners may wish to try a different way to sell their property if they:

  • Are unable to sell through a traditional estate agent
  • Possess a short lease
  • At risk of flooding

Or simply need an easy solution and a quick way to work around issues making their property difficult to sell, including:


Many people are unaware of how a quick house sale can stop their property from being repossessed.

If you’re struggling with mortgage payments, and they start to be missed, a mortgage lender can secure a court order to take over the possession of your home which will then be sold to recover the money owed.

Pay arrears before being credit black-listed

When it becomes clear that mortgage payments and / or arrears are unable to be made, the solution is to try to sell your property before the bank repossesses the property. When you arrange to sell your home for cash in a quick sale you’ll be able to pay mortgage arrears before being credit black-listed.

However, you may find you are unable to sell your house in time due to market conditions, lack of a suitable buyer, or condition of the property.

Clear your mortgage arrears

Repossession of your house is definitely a last resort, as it’s a costly process for lenders, but usually occurs after three or more consecutive missed payments. Lenders will try to arrange an alternative repayment plan to clear your arrears. Any amount, no matter how small, is likely to be agreed as it demonstrates your willingness to make your mortgage arrears a priority.

By selling your house for a quick cash offer, you can release funds within days to help clear your arrears.

Financial Difficulties

Avoiding bankruptcy and the risk of losing your home is always a major worry when struggling with the ongoing financial difficulties of accumulating debt. However, if you sell your house quickly, you can pay off urgent credit card debt or loan repayments.

Selling your house quickly to pay off debt is a positive solution, especially if your home is worth more than the amount owed. There are several key reasons for using the fast selling service of a house buying company including, the size of the debt and to whom it is owed, and whether your financial difficulties are long term or due to a sudden change in circumstances.

A real lifeline to get out of debt

Selling your house as a do-able solution is dependent on how long it will take to find someone who is interested and able to buy your house. Perhaps your house is not in a sellable condition and needs redecoration. There’s never a guarantee that your home will sell – in time – to release funds for paying off your debts.

Calling upon experts in providing a quick house sale can often be a real lifeline to get out of debt. When you’re able to sell your house fast at or just below market value, the cash is made available within days.

Inherited Property

Inheriting a property can be very complex and costly indeed, including at the outset, having to deal with wills, probates and inheritance tax.

Where you decide you want or need to sell your inherited property, there can often be the headache and hassle of any number of time-consuming issues, such as:

  • Registering the property in your name
  • Taking over mortgage repayments
  • House insurance
  • Costly repairs and refurbishment
  • Dealing with tenants
  • Routine maintenance
  • Utility bills

Taking on an inherited property can take up time you may not have on an ongoing basis, especially if the property is a long distance away from your own home.

It may well be that the property can be readily sold in its current condition, but most house buyers today expect to buy and then move into a property that, despite its age, is complete with modern kitchen and bathroom facilities, at least.

Costly and lengthy refurbishment

An inherited property may require significant costly and lengthy refurbishment in order to sell, which is likely to need your time and presence to project manage the various contractors on-site.

You may decide that you are simply unable or do not want to take on the added responsibilities and often unexpected problems that can come with an inherited property. If you want a prompt and speedy resolution, then you may well decide to use a quick cash sale house buying company.


Emigrating or moving abroad for work means putting your home up for sale and hoping for transfer completion in good time before you depart. With often lengthy times to complete a property purchase, you may be faced with the stressful prospect of continuing the transaction from many miles away.

This may very well be the case if you need to move at shorter notice than you anticipated. In these scenarios, there are always likely to be many loose ends, which you could be forced to tie up from afar.

Cash to kickstart new life abroad

Undoubtedly, a quick house sale is the ideal solution in solving outstanding issues. Plus, there are significant benefits from selling your house rather than keeping it on as rental property, such as freeing yourself from property commitments and receiving a big cash amount within days to kickstart your new life abroad.

The alternative of renting out your house when moving abroad could prove costly in property management fees and the tax liability, including capital gains tax, despite the lure of rental income. In certain cases, you may be taxed on your rental income by both the UK and your new country of residence.

If you’re planning to relocate abroad, using a house sale company for a quick house sale with instant cash, can solve many potential difficulties with the least amount of stress.

Poor Condition/Structural Problems/Landlords

A property in poor condition or has developed structural problems can be more than a potential headache, it can also be a drain on your time and resources.

In some cases, the increasing demands of managing a buy-to-let property can be both a financial and emotional drain. A low yield or underperforming rental property may no longer be worth the constant attention. Particularly, if the property may be vacant or has too many “void” periods.

If the cost of renovation is too prohibitive, you might decide to sell your property as soon as possible. To avoid any further expense not covered by existing rentals you simply want to sell your house fast, particularly as the monies may be immediately needed elsewhere.

Savings on mortgage fees, legal fees, estate agents commission

A professional cash property buying company may offer a price below the market rate but still may compare more favourably against savings on mortgage fees, legal fees, and estate agents commission. A guaranteed fast cash sale and fixed completion date also has the key benefits of minimising council tax and utility bills while the property is empty, plus no property chains or other buyer delays.

An attractive feature of a house fast selling service, is almost certainly to be the 7 -day sale option. Additionally, there is also the benefit of being able to select a date to suit your individual requirements. Either way, access to instant cash from a quick house sale is often a positive solution for a landlord or other rental property owner.

Divorce/Separation/Ill Health

One of the biggest reasons for wanting to sell your house fast as possible, is the desire to move on quickly after a divorce or separation.

  • The current need for a quick house sale may be more urgent than ever before.
  • More than two in five (42 %) of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce.
  • Couples divorcing in England and Wales rose by almost a fifth in 2019, according to The Office for National Statistics.

Owning a property that may no longer be wanted during and after a divorce, can often be felt as prolonging the situation and delaying the process of moving on with your life. There can be a number of complex financial and legal issues that follow the breakdown of a relationship and subsequent divorce, but undoubtedly “what happens to the house” is high up on the list.

A former partner may try to force the other partner out of the home, but until a divorce is finalised, both have the legal right to remain in the house Even once a divorce has been granted, there is no obligation to sell.

However, during a divorce, repayment on a joint mortgage will still need to be made, regardless of who is or isn’t living in the property. Both partners are liable for the debt, and credit ratings can be damaged if mortgage repayments are not met. Having an outstanding joint mortgage following a divorce or separation is always likely to be difficult and stressful.

Selling the house fast is likely to be the most reasonable option

The options for those with a joint mortgage is to retain the property and continue paying the mortgage or put the house up for sale on the open market. Regardless of the circumstances, and particularly if no children are involved, selling the house is likely to be considered the most reasonable and fair option to allow both partners to financially benefit.

It is always recommended considering the value of the property, its condition, time it take to sell on the open market, and whether it may not be more practical to take a cash offer on a quick sale.

Why Choose Cash For UK Homes?

As a reputable, no-hassle cash house buyer, established for over 15 years – you can have complete peace of mind throughout the property sale process.

When you call upon us to assess your house – there is absolutely no obligation. We will simply carry out a straight forward property valuation and make you an offer for cash.

Smooth-running service throughout

You need time to carefully consider every aspect of selling your home for cash and arrive at the right decision for you and your particular circumstances. We want you make your choice in your own time, and be clear and confident that when you are ready to proceed our team will provide you with the most efficient, smooth running service throughout.

From first enquiry, our approach is to work around you and your particular circumstances. Our house valuation experts will give you as close to market value as possible and most importantly – we strictly adhere to the valuation price.

The traditional house sales market is not always easy to navigate, and may not be the route you want or need to take to quickly solve your particular set of issues right at this moment, so there is no doubt why you’re considering using our house buying process to sell your house fast.

We Take Care of Everything

At Cash For UK Homes, we deal with everything – from first valuation and due diligence checks, through to mortgage company solicitors and all house sale paperwork.

We can make an offer on almost any property type, including: Detached, Semi Detached, Terrace, Bungalow, Flat, Maisonette, Cottages, and even ex-council houses and flats.

Most importantly – we will buy your property.

As a cash house buying company, we cut through all the barriers you can expect by trying to sell your house on the market in the traditional way, which means:

  • NO advertising
  • NO showing your home to time wasters
  • NO estate agents
  • NO property chains
  • NO middlemen.

When you choose Cash For UK Homes –

  • We offer you a quick sale, so you can be ready for whatever you may want to do
  • Your cash offer and sale is guaranteed.
  • All you need to do is relax and let us help you.

Our 100% Hassle Free Approach Provides:

Cash For UK Homes is an established and rated home buying company with a bank reserve available to access, so we can purchase your property and give you your cash within days.

Our strong cash buying capability means that this time next week, we could be buying your house!

Get your free cash offer now

Get your CASH OFFER now! If you need to sell within 7 days then fill out our form to start the ball rolling.  Cut the time it takes to get through a property sale from months to a week, avoid estate agents, mounting legal fees, valuations, viewings, interruptions, and general hassle. Get a CASH offer, if you are happy with what we offer we can buy your house within a matter of days & the money could be in your bank account VERY QUICKLY.